Some examples:

  • House consultancy in Valgeranna (2008-2013)- the interior design consultation of the living room, kitchen and bathroom (materials and colours) and designing kitchen furniture.
  • House consultancy in Pärnu (2011-2013) included the selection of materials and colours for the bathroom, the main tone of the stair boundaries and the walls of the house.
  • House consultancy in Viimsi (2013). It included the renewal of the interior of the house built in 1990s (tones of the walls, floors, interior doors, technical drawings and materials of the kitchen, bathroom tiles, furniture suggestions).
  • Apartment consultancy in Ülejõe, Pärnu (2013)- wall colours, furniture arrangement.
  • Kitchen in a house in Vana- Pärnu (2013). The client needed a consultation concerning the renovation of the house, in addition the furniture arrangement, lightning plan, designing the kitchen furniture.
  • Kitchen in a house in Valga (2013)- designing the kitchen furniture, choosing floor materials and lightning.