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Customers are saying

  • Siiri
    I asked Ingrid for a consultation on home renovation. Although it was mostly about updating the rooms, I had the feeling that maybe I would miss something and the expert's advice would be wasted. The meeting was constructive and warm. His experienced eye saw that a small change could be made to an otherwise well-functioning kitchen, and that change proved to be very important. I also got good recommendations for materials and products that I could not keep up with myself, and this helped to get my thoughts moving. I was completely satisfied.
  • Astrid ja Ivar
    Our cooperation with Ingrid was easy and natural. Flexibility in ideas and consideration of the client's wishes was very important for us when creating the interior design of the new home. Ingrid's ideas and thoughts and encouragement to test different solutions, while taking into account our family's peculiarities, wishes and practical needs at every step, led to a complete and to a really stylish end result. We are very satisfied with the work done and we will definitely recommend Ingrid to our friends and acquaintances with peace of mind.
    Astrid ja Ivar
  • Anna
    Ingrid's consultation was an important help for us to think through the interior design and design of the finished townhouse box. We received good advice and useful contacts and confirmation of existing thoughts and ideas. The opinion and consultation of a professional is mandatory if you want a beautiful and unique home and want to be an active participant in this process.
  • Mari
    In Ingrid's case, the positive thing was that she found a compromise when what she proposed did not suit the client. From this point on, he considered the client's wishes and did not just impose his concept. He drew up the furniture we wanted beautifully. The kitchen design was very practical. The price level of the service was reasonable.
  • Perekond Ollesk
    We used the services of interior designer Ingrid Vase for the renovation of the house. We wanted a timeless and cozy design for years. The interior designer listened to our wishes and vision and was very good at putting the whole thing together in terms of color solutions, materials and furnishings. He did not impose his vision, but cooperated very well and considered the client's wishes. We are very satisfied with the result.
    Perekond Ollesk
  • Kristel
    Ingrid has a good eye and taste. We were very satisfied with Her recommendations. Another plus is the pleasant communication and quick understanding of the customer's taste and valuable ideas to be used in the future. Matter-of-fact and helpful both in the complete solution of the interior design of the entire home, as well as in the case of a one-time consultation. It's easy to communicate with Ingrid and it's great to implement her vision together.
  • Annika ja Hannu Pärnumaalt
    In collaboration with interior architect Ingrid, our new cozy home in Pärnu County was created. We wanted our new home to be light-filled, in warm colors and to use wood, stone and glass as materials. The interior architect suggested solutions that we probably wouldn't have come up with ourselves. It was good to work with Ingrid because she didn't push her wishes but also considered the client's wishes. By working together and talking, we got a very good final result, with which we are still satisfied.
    Annika ja Hannu Pärnumaalt
  • Eve
    Hello, We really liked Ingrid's interior design, the materials and solution she offered. We are satisfied with the complete overall picture and selection of products. We also liked the convenience, we didn't have to run around the shops ourselves, because Ingrid brought the entire selection to our home, including the best price-quality ratio of the manufacturers:) Thank you Ingrid, we are happy to recommend you to all buyers of a new home!


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