We offer complete interior solutions to both exterior and interior of the house, flat or public building.

To achieve the completeness, we proceed from the artistic-compositional solutions.

To improve our knowledge and skills, we visit interior design fairs and keep ourselves up to date with the newest trends and materials.

The communication with the client is essential in cooperation.

We provide interior design projects- ask offer price.

The interior design project includes:


The designer’s explanatory note where you can find information about usable materials, specification of lights, plugs, switches, furniture, flooring, sanitary ceramics, sanitary equipment including recommended suppliers and prices.

In addition- interior technical drawings 2D.

1. Interior design floor plan- space planning and functional scheme, furniture arrangement, tones and materials for walls.

2. Ceiling and lighting design plans, where the height and materials of ceilings, schemes of cornice if necessary, locations and heights of lights and plugs are described.

3. Materials for floors- the specification and placement of different materials are introduced, the floor tile laying schemes if needed.

4. Technical drawings of kitchen furniture (kitchen tables etc.), living room furniture (coffee tables, TV stands, cupboards, shelves etc.), bedroom furniture (beds, dressers etc.), children’s furniture (desks, shelves, cupboards etc.), office furniture (desks, shelves etc.), hall furniture on special order.

5. Interior views- tiling design plans, placement of different materials in a room etc.


Technical drawings for furniture on special order

On-site consultations and consultations by email

Consultations on site 175 – 300 euros

I bring material samples, colour cards with me- we can choose the colours on site.

Design of fair boxes

Theatrical scenery and decor