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6 main reasons why use the service of an interior designer?

Thoughtful and good interior design is timeless.
An example of good interior design is when the inte-rior design of an apartment, private house, cafe or restaurant lasts for at least 10-15 years.

You save time and money.
In summary, the time when you go through many construction and furnishing stores to familiarize yourself with the selection and prices, the interior designer has already done it for you.

More information and experiences.
Thanks to training provided by the manufacturers, the interior designer is up to date with constantly updated materials and interior design solutions. You can be sure that the interior designer offers thoughtful and innovative solutions.

An interior designer sees the whole.
People who have chosen and studied the profession of interior designer or interior architect, as a rule, have a very good imagination - they have the ability to immediately see the whole in the drawing, both in terms of materials and colors. Your home will be a fully functioning space.

Thoughtful details - fewer mistakes and errors.
A lighting solution thought out in detail gives the room various possibilities to create a mood, for ex-ample cornice lighting. Also, the exact locations of sockets and switches re-quire pre-thought-out furniture placement.

Trust the advice of a professional in your field.
The goal of the interior designer is to create a func-tional and harmonious space for years together with you.

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Ingrid Kuuli

Senior Interior Designer
Master of Arts Cum laude


  • Tallinn University
    Master of Education - MA, Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching, Vocational Teacher, Sep 2021 - Jul 2025
  • Euro University
    Master of Arts - MA, Cum Laude, Interior Design, Sep 2008 - Jun 2009
  • Euro University
    Bachleor of Arts in Humanities, BA, Interior Design, Sep 2002 - Jun 2006

I have worked as an interior designer for 16 years To date, I have done complete solution interior design projects for cafes, spas, restaurants, fast food restaurants, offices, shops, kindergartens, offices, and numerous private houses and apartments.

I have also done interior design (colors, fabrics) for one raceing boat – ORC Racer Green 44

I carry out interior design projects and offer interior design consultations.

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Interior designer
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